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What Is an Effective Alibi?

Posted on : April 26, 2021
One of the easiest defenses to use in a criminal case is that of an alibi. An alibi simply means that you have evidence of being in another location or with another person when the alleged crime was said to have occurred. This usually means that it would have been impossible for you to have Read More

Does My Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Need to Know the Truth?

Posted on : March 17, 2021
If you’ve been charged with a crime and are hiring a defense lawyer to help, you may be wondering if your attorney needs to know the entire truth.  The short answer is: not necessarily.  The longer answer is:  Your Attorney May Not Want to Know The Whole Truth  Some criminal defense lawyers only want to Read More

What Does a Los Angeles Criminal Appeals Court Do?

Posted on : February 10, 2021
Contrary to popular belief, a criminal appeal is not a retrial of the case. You cannot appeal a criminal verdict for just any reason; generally, you must have grounds for an appeal. The appellate court will review the lower court’s records to determine if you have the right to appeal your case.  This can happen Read More

Are There Any Alternatives to Jail After Conviction?

Posted on : January 22, 2021
If you are convicted of a crime, you may assume that you’ll be ordered to go directly to jail, without passing Go or collecting $200. However, this may not be true in every case. Some defendants may be eligible for alternatives to incarceration depending on their case. Here are some of the potential alternatives to Read More

How Does the Los Angeles Criminal System Treat Juvenile Offenders?

Posted on : January 12, 2021
Few parents expect their child to be arrested or charged with a serious crime. Juvenile criminal cases differ substantially from adult criminal cases in California, making it even more crucial to be as prepared as possible. Here’s what you should know about how Los Angeles juvenile criminal cases are handled.  What Causes a Criminal Offender Read More